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I’m Done With Summer, But…

So hey, I haven’t posted in for over a year, but summer is coming to a close and I have all the thoughts and all the feelings about our summer. To butcher a Keith Urban song it’s been a long hot summer and we’ve all been together. I have long ago freed myself from the notion that I need to “make the most of every minute” or that summer is going to be 100% magical. All summer’s present challenges (long days, limited fun money, heat) well this summer decided to up those challenges a bit for us. This summer we have replaced our air conditioner, a serpentine belt in a car, a microwave, and didn’t bother to replace the dishwasher that died, oh and it’s been the hottest summer Georgia has seen in forever. So here we are a week left in summer break and I am  D-O-N-E.  I don’t want anyone more friends over, I don’t want to come up with any more “fun free days”, and I don’t want to argue about screen time for one more minute (read that too say I’ve thrown in the towel).

It would be easy to read this and think I hated our summer and that it was terrible, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve learned that I can be tired, and acknowledge things were difficult and still say things were great at times. So here’s a list of things that were truly great about out summer.

  • Swim Team- If you know me you knew this would be first. After two years of the boys swimming school year league we took the plunge and signed all three kids up for summer league. Best decision ever. Yes it meant being at the pool at 8:00 am five days a week and staying at meets until almost midnight once a week (one week twice) but we would not have traded it for anything. Not only did my kids improve greatly in their skills they developed a love for it that I have never seen before. Also, it is so much fun. No really, it is, I promise.
  • Running- Somewhere this spring I realized my kids were kicking my ass in what they were attempting physically. I also anticipated that at some point i was going to have to push them to get them to practice. So I made a deal that for everyday they practiced I would run. I had never run before this spring. Well summer league is over and I am still running four or five days a week. I love it and I hate it all at the same time, all I know is that everything feels more manageable after I run.
  • My Kids Pushing Themselves- All three of my kids have really pushed themselves this summer. I believe without a doubt this can be traced back to swim team. My oldest who struggles with sensory issues and learning disabilities, and therefore struggles socially, went to camp without knowing anyone this summer. Not just any camp but a camp that involved caving, ropes courses and white water rafting. The middle one is training for a triathlon at the end of the month. Yeah, you read that right my least competitive child who would be perfectly happy to sit at home and read everyday is attempting a triathlon.   Baby Girl has pushed herself so hard with swimming, she earned most improved in her age group. We’ve continued lessons since league has finished and I am amazed at how far she’s come.
  • Scarecrow And Mrs King- Yes, the 80’s tv series, it’s one of my all time favorite shows. One of the kids found my season one DVDs early in the summer and they all got hooked. I’ve since purchased two additional seasons and it’s become one of their favorites.
  • Hamilton- I had been listening to the soundtrack for awhile when one day I started playing it in the car.”What are we listening to?” the oldest asked. Well in about five minutes they were all hooked. It is about all they have wanted to listen to for the last month. It has led to some of the most incredible discussions and we have all researched the founding of our country a little more. The youngest has decided she’s going to be Angelica Schuyler for Halloween. Does Party City sell that costume?
  • Technology- For all the talk about how technology is ruining our kids, it has enhanced our summer so much. My oldest who is dyslexic got a membership to Learning Ally, a nonprofit organization that provides audio books at a low cost for people with disabilities. He has read ( we count ear reading as reading) 27 books since May. The same books his peers are reading. I am more grateful for this technology than I can express. Also, PokemonGo, hate on it all you want but it get us up and active and doesn’t cost a dime, that’s a winner in our book.

Summer is almost over and I’m living the tension of wanting structure and dreading the increased craziness of our schedule but for one more week we will swim, sing, and spend way too many hours in front of screens. What about you, what were the highs and lows of your summer? How are you finishing it out?

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