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A Thank You to My Daughter’s Preschool

on May 19, 2015

My Baby Girl graduated from Pre K tonight. She has two days left and then she is no longer a preschooler. There is a mix of emotions that I am feeling tonight. Sure there is some sadness that she is growing up so quickly. I feel so much excitement for her as I think about the life that is ahead of her. There is some fear as I think about her leaving a place that has been so safe for a place that is so big and unknown. The biggest thing that I feel though is gratitude.

I trusted my girl to you when she was not even two and a half years old. I knew nothing of your school other than it just felt right.I didn’t know what teacher to ask for or even how many days I should put her in. Shannon,the assistant director suggested three days and I decided that sounded good. I thank God I made that decision because just like the next two years would be it was the perfect place for her. She met friends that year that she would travel though the next three years with. Her teachers that year were more than I could have ever asked for. That was the worst of the asthma years. She missed school more than she was there. Eventually we made the heartbreaking decision to pull her out in order to try and keep her healthy.So what did her teachers do? They still included her in Valentines exchanges, Easter egg hunts, and end of the year baskets, They didn’t have to do that but they did because that’s just who they are,

In her three year old class Maggie learned that Jesus loved her and that she was suppose to love other people. I could have asked nothing more. She was allowed to dance, twirl, and sing her way through that year. The atmosphere in that class was  magical as each child’s personality was allowed to shine through.

This year was the big time PreK. Suddenly the stakes seemed higher. You hear so much talk about “getting kids ready for kindergarten” that I was nervous. But guess what, I never heard those words once this year, No, instead my daughter’s teachers taught her to try her best. They pushed her to do better but never discouraged her. The thought and creativity that they put into every single day completely amazes me.

So to Grayson United Methodist Preschool (GUMP), I say thank you. Thank you for still believing that preschoolers should sing and play and create instead of working on worksheets. Thank helping to teach my little girl that Jesus loves her. Thank you for teaching her how to be a good friend.Thank you for hiring the best teachers on the planet. Most of all thank you for letting Maggie be Maggie and the other 200+ children you have be themselves too. We have loved every day of the last three years and are so very grateful to you.

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