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If You Give A Baker Child a Bag of Pop Rocks….

on July 8, 2014

We just finished an amazing vacation to visit family and friends in Sonoma County California. (I will try to write more about that later) while going through the last of the bags today I discovered a pack of Pop Rocks my kids had bought at one of the many candy stores they found on our trip ( It’s hard to say no we aren’t going to another candy store when you are wine tasting for the third day in a row). I decided to be fun mom and hand them each a bag. Now some kids would just eat the Pop Rocks and maybe giggle a bit about the noise they made or how they felt in their mouth…not my kids. So I give you (with all apologizes to Luara Numeroff for butchering her work)

If You Give A Baker Child A Bag of Pop Rocks

If you give a Baker child a bag of Pop Rocks they will not be sure what to make of them…

They will need a greater understanding of how they work

They will need to drop some into your Diet Coke

Then they will need to drop some into a cup of water as a control

Watching them pop in the Diet Coke will remind them of their all time favorite activity…

volcano building…

They will find the baking soda, vinegar, and a empty bottle and head outside

When they run out of baking soda, vinegar they will begin to search for other household objects that might explode (cat litter, ketchup, dish soap,)

When you say no to more chemical reactions they will decide that they need to clean up, so they will turn on the hose …

Then they will remember their second favorite activity mud making.

They will create a large mud pit in the backyard and have a mud fight

All of this creative work will cause them to be ravishingly hungry and they will want to know if you have anymore Pop Rocks.

The moral to this story…all candy bought on vacation ¬†must be consumed on vacation.mud mud2All because of Pop Rocks….


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