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What I Hope My Kids ( and all of us) Learn From Frozen

on January 3, 2014

First, Happy New Year! I hope all of your holidays were wonderful. Second, I’m writing on fours hours of sleep that was divided into two hour stretches between breathing treatments for my youngest so if this post makes no sense we will just blame it on that.

Last month for my newly turned seven year old’s birthday we all went to see the Disney movie Frozen. To say we all enjoyed it would be a massive understatement. Seven of us from the ages 3-37 (including preteens and one teenager) all said it was one of the best movies we had seen in a long time (the last movie I saw before this was Free Birds and trust me I didn’t say that then). The movie felt like a great piece of musical theater mixed with stunning animation. The soundtrack has been on constant play in our home for weeks.

If you haven’t seen it yet let me give you some background (spoilers). The movie centers around two princess sisters named Elsa (the older) and Anna (the younger). Elsa has been born with the power (disability?) that when her emotions are strong she turns things to ice. As a result she spends her entire life in isolation learning to “conceal not feel”. Well as you can imagine that can only work so long and eventually things go horribly wrong. Leading Elsa to decide to “Let It Go”and that she must embrace who she is but live alone. Here is the amazing song for that part of the movie :

As I was listening to this song at 3:00 this morning (breathing treatments remember )I realized that so many of us have lived like Elsa. We have been given the message over and over that what makes us special is wrong, bad, and should be concealed. If we show who we really are we will be alone. I know I fight this constantly and have to be intentionally vulnerable. Ultimately the only thing that can save Elsa is her sister who has wanted a relationship with her for years knowing her secret and loving her with an unending love. Isn’t that what saves us all? When we finally break down one of our walls and someone accepts us still. When the person we love doesn’t run but stands besides us and loves us more.

This is what I pray my children take from this move. I want them to know that what makes them different is what makes them powerful.I don’t want my children to conceal who they are. I want them to experience loving, strong, vulnerable relationships with people who accept them for who they are. I want that for all of us.

Here is a great Ted Talk on the subject my sister sent me (not knowing I was thinking about this already).


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