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on September 7, 2013

Over the last several months I have fallen in love with Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog. She writes about marriage and motherhood in a way that is both honest and inspiring. I like her work because she encourages to embrace motherhood for all of it’s glory while not denying that so much of it can be so exhausting and repetitive. I mean how many ways can you cook chicken?

Every Friday she has Five Minute Fridays where she encourages you to write on a topic for five minutes without editing or over thinking it. I know it’s Saturday but hey, better late than never. This week’s topic: Red.


It’s the blood of angry men, sorry that was truly the first thing that came to my mind. It didn’t take long for something else to come to mind though. It is September, it is Saturday, I live in the south so red means one thing. It is game day. Red some will put on a darker less flattering shade with white. In my family we put our red with black and silver and there is only one acceptable shade, Bulldog Red.

I will get dressed in my red and go to the grocery store and the other members of Bulldog nation will smile and nod. The true fans won’t hesitate to yell “Go Dawgs” or “Sic ’em”. Girls will be in cheerleader costumes and dresses. Boys will be in t -shirts and jerseys. There will be other colors worn today but none as beautiful as Bulldog Red.

Bulldog Red is the color of :
Sugar falling from the sky
Run Lindsay Run
My God he ran right over two men…My God a freshman
A Hobnail Boot

It is the color of glory and of heartbreak. It is the color of five more yards. It is the color of maybe this year…..


2 responses to “Red

  1. Rose says:

    LOL! Okay, I love Les Miserables, so I thought of that too! That’s for your sincerity and a smile on a sunny September morning. You’re right, Saturday is better late than never.


  2. Ah, red. A strong color with lots of emotion. From ball games to the colors of Autumn. Thanks for this glimpse!

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