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My Thoughts on Miley

on August 27, 2013

So I finally broke down and watched the video. My first thought is, “That is six and a half minutes of my life I will never get back”. My next thoughts are too numerous to count. There are plenty on blogs out there addressed to Miley and and her poor decision to show us she is a grown up by acting like a child acting like a grown up. This isn’t for her,It is for all the rest of us (myself included) that helped her get to this point. When as a society are we going to learn that taking children and making them famous, giving them money, a spotlight and very few (if any) boundaries is rarely a good idea.  Come on now we have been watching the “child star falls” movie for way too long now. I can remember being in middle school and reading a magazine article about how Drew Barrymore was getting out of rehab. She was only a couple of years older than me. This is not a new problem as long as there are child stars there will be this problem. I don’t know how we avoided. I don’t think we can realistically boycott all entertainment with minors. As a mom I like for my kids to have kid friendly things to watch and listen to. But what is the cost?

My other thought is, “why are people surprised”. The VMA’s have a reputation for outlandish sexually provocative numbers. We all remember Madonna and Brittney. Well. when you take a child at 12 years old and start her on the path to pop stardom who is she going to watch? She’s not watching other Disney Channel stars, She is watching the “grown ups”. Miley probably spent the last 8 years watching how the “grown ups” in her field behaved and preformed. This is what was the example set for her. And we all know in the entertainment industry you must be bigger and grab more headlines than the person before you. Well, she did that.

Now, I’m not trying to excuse her behavior. She is ultimately responsible for her actions. However when I watched the video I tried to watch her face, her eyes. Those eyes were hollow and empty. They were the eye of a young woman playing a part because she still had no idea who she really is.


One response to “My Thoughts on Miley

  1. noeyesmcgee says:

    I think that is so very true

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