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Following up to Finishing Well

on May 25, 2013

I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my entry about finishing well. Kindergarten is over and all and all I will say we finished well. It wasn’t easy and I was more than a little tempted to blow off the last three days of school but I was committed. At times over the last three weeks it felt like I was literally carrying him to the end of the school year. That was ok though. I am his mom and sometimes it is my job to carry him, just to show him you can make it through. I mean how many times have I known that Jesus carried me through a situation that on my own I would have never made it through?

Monday was his awards day and he received was on the honor roll for earning all E’s and S’s for the nine weeks ( those are the grades they give in Kindergarten here). He has been on this list every nine weeks except the first one. I don’t say that to brag about how great my kid is (he’s great for a whole bunch of other reasons :)) but more as a matter of fact. I realized during this ceremony that he had no idea everything he had accomplished this year. All he knew was he needed to be “ready for 1st grade” and should be acting like a first grader now. If the messages I was hearing during this ceremony were anything like what he was hearing then he probably would not think he had accomplished anything.

I came home from that ceremony, called my husband and told him he needed to come home early because I had a very important date. We had some Build A Bear certificates I had been holding on to for the end of the year but decided it was time to use them. We went to Build A Bear and made a karate themed bear that played Star Wars. Then we found a new restaurant where he could get all you want, freshly cooked Chinese noodle and shrimp (his very favorite food). I took the chance to look him in the eyes and remind him about everything he had accomplished this year: going to school all day 5 days a week for the first time ever, how to navigate a school of 1,300 students, the cafeteria, the media center, of yea, lots not forget little things like reading, writing, addition, and subtraction. I told him how proud Daddy and I were of him. I told him that as pleased as we were that he had done at school academically we were the most proud of how he matured emotionally and spiritually. He still cares for people who are left out, he wants to make people feel better and know that they are special, and he has developed a passion for the Bible. I’ll take those categories over his academic accomplishments any day.

Here are some pictures of our date.





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