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Sickness, Sickness, and More Sickness

on March 13, 2013

I am so tired of sickness. Having a child with asthma who started preschool this year and another child who started kindergarten we have exposed ourselves to all kinds of lovely bugs.. We kept the youngest out of school for January and February to try and keep her away from the worst of the germs. After her third day back at school she came down with a stomach bug that lasted 4 days and left her completely run down. Guess what happens when a child with asthma gets run down? Yep, time for the breathing treatments.

I hate for her to be sick. I hated to see her just laying on the couch yesterday without enough energy to talk or play. I hate pumping her full of drugs and all of their side effects. You know what else I hate? The overwhelming feeling of failure I have every time she gets sick. I think I feel this way partly because so much of my life is spent trying to keep her well. I think also I feel this way because of the well meaning but not useful comments of others both that I know personally and in the world at large. The list of “have you tried….” that I have received is a mile long. Then there are the people who are sure that if we exposed her to more she would build up a better tolerance to things. Of course the world in general tells parents 1,000 different ways to keep their kids healthy. Breast feed ( did that for 18 months), vaccinate, don’t vaccinate, all organic, use hand sanitizer, don’t use hand sanitizer, antibiotics, no antibiotics.

I know ultimately it’s up to Scott and I to work with her doctors and come up with the best plan for her. I know I’m doing the best I can. I know that ultimately her health issues are relatively minor and she will out grow them. However, when you are giving a breathing treatment at midnight it never feels that way.


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