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The Magical Mystery Tour ( of living with a two year old)

I have said my least favorite year of parenthood that I have experienced (I have only had 11 of them) is the year of two and a half to three and a half. When a child turns two they are really still a toddler a pretty dependent on you for most things. My youngest had only weaned herself a few months before she turned two. Over the next six months though all the toddler and babyhood slips away. They are becoming more independent. My girls picks out her own clothes, potty trained herself (I owe you one girl), and can prepare herself a snack. She can carry on a conversation and hold her own in a wrestling match with her older brothers. These are all awesome and make life easier in a lot of ways. However, in the blink of an eye it is all gone and she is laying on the floor screaming, ” I don’t need to tinkle”. Even though we are already five minutes late to leave to pick up her brother and I know she won’t make it through the carpool line without going first. Or the girl who talked about her brothers all day when they were at school screams at them all afternoon when they even think about touching what she is playing with. At times it is like living with two different people.

I have come some realization about theses beautiful creatures that are no longer toddlers but are not really ” big kids” yet. First often they act much older than they are. Really all those fabulous things she does are things she has learned by watching the rest of us. She is imitating us but not really acting like a two and a half year old. When she’s laying on the floor screaming because she is not getting her way, that’s really being more of a two year old. Hopefully we are setting good examples for her to follow on that front one day too.

Here is my other realization, the whole world is a big giant magical mystery tour at this age. I think I forget this sometimes because in my mind she doesn’t really have very many “first” left. However in her mind everything is still new. She does not remember all of her “first” that I do. Christmas was a brand new experience for her. This became obvious to me today as we were making Valentines and she was using glitter glue. She was overwhelmed by how “sparky ” and “pretty” it was. She squealed in delight with her finished projects. Her world is still full of mystery and wonder. I guess if so much in my world felt so new and mysterious I would probably fall down in the floor and scream a few times a day too.

This is the last time I will take this particular tour ( and the only time I will do it with a girl). There will be new tours but not this one again. I’ll be honest some days I’m pretty good with that. My kids are fairly spread apart and it seems like I have been doing this stage for awhile. However as I watched my girl taking complete delight in glitter today I reminded myself that these days are a gift and I am blessed to have them.


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