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When I Grow Up

on November 7, 2012

I spent my first eight years of being a mom as a boy mom. Two boys full of life and energy. I learned about construction equipment and just how cool Star Wars really is.  I thought often about  who they would be as men one day and hoped Scott and I were doing a good job preparing them for that.  Two and a half years ago our daughter was born and the job somehow seemed different. I could never figure out exactly why but it did. Today I got some clarity to that question from my daughter herself. While I was  cooking “maci poni” for lunch she looked at me and said, ” When I grow up I be you”. Oh crap. There it was.  In her two-year old wisdom my daughter had told me she was watching me. One day she is going to be a woman and I’m the one setting the primary example for her of what a woman is supposed to be, no pressure.

What a woman is supposed to be today is such an emotionally charged topic. Every part of society has an opinion on it.  Is she suppose to be a super model? A business woman? Run for public office? A quiet and submissive homemaker? How do I guide her through these decisions? How do I help her understand that even though I am a Christian I think some of the things churches might say she should be are every bit  as wrong as the concept that she needs to look like a supermodel?

I don’t know how to answer all of these questions. The best that I can hope is that I can help her discover who God created her to be. That he created her to be an amazing woman and to do amazing things in this world. That he wants her to love him and to love others. That whatever she chooses to be , however she lives out her womanhood  that if she lives the life she was created to live and seeks to help others the world will be a better place and she will be a woman I will be glad to call my friend.


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