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Writting for Sanity

on November 1, 2012

I have joined a challenge to blog every day this month. If I make it that will mean I will blog more times in one month than I have the rest of the year  combined. This is probably not the ideal month for me to do this as it is probably the busiest month of the year for my business, my Bible study group starts back next week, my kids have more activities than ever, and living with a child that has asthma through the winter is kind of like walking through a mind field. However, all those reasons make it all that much more important that I do this. Why? Because writing makes me feel good. It helps get some of the crazy confusion out of my head and makes it all  seem less overwhelming. For a some people exercise does this. For others is painting or sewing. For me it’s writing and baking. Of course we are also coming into baking season so the two could join forces to keep me sane during this time! So I don’t expect all of my entries will be very deep or profound but hopefully they will at least be readable :). Hopefully they will also help me feel a little less crazy! What do you do to keep from feeling crazy?


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