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The Plank In My Eye

on August 3, 2012

It’s been a long couple of weeks at my house dealing with two kids with mono and preparing one of them for kindergarten. In addition I met with the neuro-psychiatrist today for my oldest. So to say I’m tired and a little done would be a understatement. I really don’t feel like blogging tonight. I’m really hesitant to blog because I am afraid that in my tiredness I will not use my voice in the right manner. However, I fear to stay silent is to say I think things are ok.

I am heartbroken at the way I saw Christians conducting themselves yesterday. I did not see people loving their neighbors as themselves. I saw Christians standing up to the world not standing up for the all-consuming love of a savior. I saw Christians uniting over “protecting” one of their own from criticism instead of coming together to help the hurting. News stories were made about stores running out of chicken. Imagine if news stories had been made about all of those Christians coming together to feed hungry children in their communities . Christians take such few chances to come together and this is what they chose.

You know the world was watching right? You know the people who you are supposed to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to saw you coming together because you don’t like the lifestyle of others. Do you think that makes them want to know Jesus? Our job here is not to protect our way of life. Our job here is to live out the Kingdom of God every single day.

I might be wrong, maybe God wants me to be taking a stand against homosexuality. However, I can’t find one verse of scripture where he tells me to do that. I can find plenty where he tells me to love others the way loves me. I can find plenty where he tells me I have no place to judge others. So if I’m wrong I am willing to let God tell me that when I stand before him. My response to him will be simple, ” I’m sorry Lord I was never able to get the plank out of my own eye”.


One response to “The Plank In My Eye

  1. Shelly Kozozemski says:

    Very nicely said, Ashley. I think we are of the same (or very similar) mind on all of this. Hope everything goes smoothly for you next week!

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