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Religion That is Pure and Lasting

I saw something on TV this afternoon that made me cry. It made me cry a cry of sadness, anger, and repentance. I was watching as a cable news host was interviewing a “conservative Christian leader”. The interviewer asked the man about the recent budget cuts that directly effect services to the poor. Basically instead of cutting the military budget like they agreed to last summer The House of Representatives is now trying to cut more services to the poor. The interviewer asked the man why Christian leaders were not upset about this. Why when Jesus spent so much time with the poor, helping the poor and telling others to help the poor, were Christians alright with this?

“I can not find one Christian leader who will stand up and say this is wrong. All they want to talk about is marriage and sex”  the interviewer said. That statement hit me like a slap in the face.

The Christian leader went on to fumble through an answer about how it was  not the Government’s job to help the poor.  I’m really not sure where we get this idea. Not from Jesus. He never said don’t let the government help the poor. Yes, he told us to help the poor but I don’t think he ever wanted to limit it to just individuals or communities of faith. I think he wants us to help the poor however we can.

There is a verse that has been put before me over and over in recent months. It is James 1:27. “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for the orphans and widows in their trouble, and refuse to let the world corrupt us” . I had seen the first part of the verse quoted a lot but it was not until a couple of weeks ago when preparing for my Bible study that I read the part about “and refuse to let the world corrupt us”.

As Christians we are always on guard to not let the world corrupt us. We are told to avoid certain music, shows, movies, and yes people. What is that’s not what it means to be corrupted by the world. What if being corrupted by the world means we pick the wrong fights. What if it means we lose sight of what God calls religion that is “pure and lasting”. He does not say standing up for marriage  is religion that is pure and lasting. He says that “caring for the widows and orphans” is religion that is pure and lasting.

So where I might not be the kind of Christian leader that ever gets interviewed on TV I am a Christian leader in my home. So therefore I will stand up and say these budget cuts are wrong. It is wrong to cut programs that help the least among us while still giving more to the ones who have so much.

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