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Life and Loss

I thought about you in the dark hours of the night last night. I’ve thought about you a lot the last few days. You would be three and a half now. The baby that I never got to hold. The one I never got to nurse.The one I lost four years ago this week. I do not know what your name would have been or even if you would have been a brother or a sister to your siblings. I wonder sometimes how you would have changed my world. Each of your siblings have changed me in a profound way and I sometimes wonder what your role in that would have been. Then I realize that you did change me. You made me realize what I wanted most in life.The loss of you came at a time that my life was very confusing at a time I was serching for direction. The loss of you made things very clear to me. I knew what I wanted my life to be about. You made me a better mother. You made me more aware of the hurt and pain of others. So thank I find myself able after all these years to be able to thank God for the brief gift of your life. Your life inside of me changed me forever.



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What I Have Learned In The Last 10 Years

Tomorrow my oldest child will be 10 years old. That means I have been parenting for a decade. I will have a child in the double digits. I am finding this all a little hard to believe. It seems like just yesterday they were handing me this 9 pound 6 ounce baby and telling me he was mine. I have thought about the way my life has changed in the last 10 years. I have also thought about all the things that I know now that I did not know 10 years ago because of this gift that was given to me. Here are a few:

  • The name of every construction vehicle ( our toddler obsession).
  • The complete history of the U.S.A. space program.
  • The causes and effects of climate change.
  • Anything about dinosaurs.
  • That museums are really cool.
  • Great details about earthquakes and what causes them.
  • How to be a really good friend.
  • That ADHD is very, very real and it sucks at times.
  • What Sensory Processing Disorder is and it sucks some times too.
  • That Howard Gardner is right there are so many ways to be smart.
  • How big the world is.
  • How important traditions are.
  •  What it really means to love someone so much that you would die for them.
  • How exciting the world is.
  • How scary the world is.
  • What is means to try really hard at things.
  • How to love people for who they are.

My sweet boy you changed my life forever. You make the world a better place. I know that God is going to use you to do amazing things in the world. Happy Birthday I can not wait to see who you will be 10 years from now.

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If you are going to be mean at least get your facts straight

There are so many things that I would like to say to Rush Limbaugh if I had the chance it’s really hard to know what I would say first. I think I would ask him why he likes to be mean (I’ve never understood that in people). I would like to tell him that I actually really do feel very sorry for him. Anyone that angry has to be very unhappy. I would like to ask him to stop his show because all it does is breed hate. However, after this week the thing I would like to say to Mr. Limbaugh the most is, “Get your facts straight!” . If you are going to be a mean sexist bully at least be one with correct information if not sit down and shut up.

Mr. Limbaugh has spent most of him time on radio this week attacking a young woman who testified before congress about the need for access to hormonal contraception  (birth control pills). The woman (Sandra Fluke) is a law  student at Georgetown University. She testified about how expensive contraception can be and why women need it. She told about a friend who had severe endometriosis. Birth control pills help to control the symptoms of endometriosis. Her friend ended up losing her ovary because of this. Sandra Fluke was trying to explain how companies (or colleges that offer health insurance to its students) need to make this available to their employees and students.

What has she gotten in return? She’s been called a slut, a prostitute, been told her family should not be proud of her, and told she should have to post sex videos on-line. Wow, this is who conservatives listen to? The party of family values? Sorry, that’s actually not what my post is about but I’m still having a hard time with that one.

My post is actually about Rush’s inability to get his facts straight. He keeps say that Ms. Fluke and the rest of us “feminazis” want the tax payers to pay for this. This is not true. She (and most of the rest of the women in this country) are just asking that birth control pills be covered under health insurance plans. At no point has it been asked that the tax payers pay for it.  The other fact that he can’t get straight is how birth control pills work. I (again like most women in this country) was on birth control pill for many years. Birth control is very simple you take it once a day regardless if you plan to have sex or not. Even if you plan on having sex more than once that day you still only take one pill. Rush keeps saying that Ms. Fluke and her friends are “having so much sex that they can’t afford their birth control”. Not how it works Rush.

So, it’s America and we all have the right to use our voice however we want. Rush gets to use his voice to be a factually incorrect sexist bully. I  get to use my voice to ask him to stop. ( I also get to use my money voice to tell his sponsors I won’t be buying form them.) I would like to ask Mr. Limbaugh if he is going to use his voice to pleases at least get his fact straight when he does it.



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