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Green, Yellow and Red

on February 24, 2012

So. it’s been awhile since I have blogged. Mainly because I have been using my voice to talk to doctors….a lot. It all started when my sweet baby girl got a cold while we were at Disney in September.  Now, all three of my children got this same cold but it put Baby Girl down for the count. 12 hours after arriving home we were in the pediatrician’s office. We left with a prescription for an antibiotic (for a sinus infection) and a prescription for albuterol. I will quote my pediatrician, “Here I’m writing it for two boxes that will get you through the winter”. Famous last words. Three weeks later we were in with what appeared to be a very nasty case of croup. Bring on the pulmicort . So this went on over and over until just before Christmas. She would get better for a week and then would be sick again. The week before Christmas the cough settled in and would not leave. Over the course of the next six weeks we saw our pediatrician 8 times. Finally, she said, “I think she has asthma and it’s time to see the allergy/ asthma doctor”. We saw the doctor on Monday and we now have a plan, neatly divided into three zones green (doing well), yellow (cold like symptoms or mild difficultly breathing)  red (asthma is out of control).  Turns out Baby Girl has not been in the green zone since September (insert Mommy guilt here).

Now, this is by no means my first time dealing with a medical issue for one of my children. My five-year old was hospitalized at two weeks old with a heart condition.  However, I am overwhelmed. I still remember the fear I felt when my five-year old was a baby. I wondered if I would know if his heart wasn’t beating right. I am fighting similar fears now.  I wonder now if I will know when Baby  Girl just has a little cough and when we are looking at a trip into  the red zone.   I wonder what this all means.  Will every winter be like this one? I wonder what this will mean for her future. I know that asthma can be controlled and people live very active lives with it.  I know with the type of asthma she has there is a good chance she will outgrow it. Yet, it is still a scary place to be.

However, if you know my son you know that no heart condition has slowed him down. At 4 he was take off of all meds .  He is considered to have outgrown it (for now).  So I hope that the same will be true  for Baby Girl. Still, I welcome your prayers and if you or your child has asthma I would love to hear from you!


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