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Is President Obama trying to take away my right to home school?

on January 27, 2012

In his State of The Union address the other night President Obama spoke on education. I am pretty sure every president speaks on education each State of The Union,  because it is something that is in all of our common interest. He said many things about education but one comment he made has really gotten the homes school world in an uproar in the last 48 hours.

The President said he would ask states to require students to stay in school until they graduated or turned 18. In the last two days I have seen his quote misrepresented many times. The President did not say they had to attend a public high school, he did not mandate what their course work should be, he did not even say that they had to stay in school until 18. He said 18 or graduation. I know many home school families that children have graduated before 18 and gone into college at 16 or 17. Nobody is saying you can’t do that.  There is no  reason that what The President suggested can not be done in conjunction with a state’s given home school laws.

I consider one of the greatest joys of my life the time that I have been able to home school. I love the freedom that it has given us. I truly believe that my oldest would not have the passion and love of learning that he has if he was in a traditional school environment.  However, I know that home schooling is not for everyone.  I know that the vast majority of American children will attend public school.   I want these children to attend the best schools that they can. I want their teachers to be well paid.  I want the smartest educational minds in our country figuring out how education should work in America.  America’s children deserve this and America needs this. We all benefit when every child has access to the best education for them. We all benefit when a student completes high school.

As Americans we are taught to stand up for our rights and we should.  We just have to remember in standing up for our rights to think of the needs of others.

As always your voice are welcome.



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