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Heavy Heart

on January 26, 2012

I have a heavy heart this morning. A family I care deeply about was thrown into turmoil last night when there child who is a young adult came home and announced she was moving less than an hour.  She had packed her room the night before and her friends were on their way to get her. Cell phone and house keys left on the counter, everything gone from her room, and then she was gone.  No way to get a hold of her, no idea where she had gone.   I can only imagine the self doubt and questions that a mother ask herself at these kind of moments.

As I spoke to my friend last night in the midst of her grief and confusion she had a moment of clarity that was so inspiring to me.  “I need to make sure the kids and I spend a lot of time reading about the prodigal son”.  In the midst of unimaginable heartache she was thinking of the comfort and direction God’s word could provide. She was thinking of how to help her other children react to this situation based on what Jesus taught. What an inspiration.

So I ask you to use your voice this morning to pray for this family. Pray that they know God’s comfort during heartbreak. Pray that this young woman will know she has a home waiting for her.


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