Use My Voice

Speaking up about the issues I can't get out of my head or heart.

New Years Resolution (better late than never)

on January 23, 2012

Wow, this is really intimidating.  Sitting down looking at a blank computer screen where I am challenging myself to use my voice. It was my New Years resolution and thanks to a friend on facebook this morning who reminded me that the Chinese New Year would be a good time to catch up on that resolution.

So why a resolution to “use my voice”?  Because to quote Edmund Burke,  “All that is needed for  the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.  I struggle at times with using my voice. I do not like to offend. I truly do desire to be a peacemaker.  However for the last several months I felt a stirring inside of me that I can not deny. A stirring to speak up on issues that I care about.  These issues are wide ranging and if you know me well you probably have some clue what they are.  Children, parenting, social justice, and representing Christ the best I can in this world are the top ones that come to mind. Now don’t worry this won’t be all serious there will be plenty of times I will write on the truly important things in the world like Braves baseball,  Georgia Bulldogs football, country music, and Disney.

So thanks for reading and I always want to hear your voices as well!


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